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Improving Executive Leadership

One-third of team members grapple with disengagement and burnout rates are reaching an alarming 82% in some sectors.

Facing an array of pressures—from stakeholder expectations and competitive market dynamics to the urgent need for innovation and operational efficiency—leaders are seeking ways to reconcile the desire for a positive workplace culture with the critical necessity for tangible results, accountability, and recognition of achievements.

Effective Leadership is Key to Success

Accountability often takes a backseat, leading to a stagnant performance that frustrates leaders who are grappling with the pressure to drive growth, improve the bottom line, and meet escalating demands for return on investment.

Today, more than ever effective leadership is key to business success. If leaders are not trained to be successful at managing their teams, then it will have a negative impact on the workforce and on the business.

We recognise that leadership is evolving in today's dynamic landscape.

With multigenerational workforces, hybrid working models, and rapid digital advancements, leaders need to inspire, engage, and motivate teams effectively.

Discover the True Potential of Your Team

Take the Assessment

The Brilliant Teams assessment has been developed to show leaders and managers their team blind spots and provide instant, actionable steps on how to improve both performance and culture within your teams.

Developed to identify the strengths and areas for development in teams and accompanied by the book “BRILLIANT TEAMS”, authored by Emma Clayton, you can quickly pinpoint the areas to prirotise for maximum gain.

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We help break down silos and cultivate a culture of excellence to drive success in your organisation.

We evaluate your leaders, run development workshops and enhance their skills and effectiveness. This will increase team motivation, improve employee retention and increase productivity.

We have helped and developed leaders at all levels in many organisations with great results.

Our services focus on empowering leaders to foster collaboration, accountability, and resilience within teams.

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DISC Workshops for Leaders and Teams

Our program addresses common dysfunctions that hinder team and leadership performance, such as lack of trust, fear of conflict, and accountability issues. Through interactive sessions and practical tools, leaders learn to build trust, engage in constructive conflict, and hold team members accountable, leading to stronger, more cohesive teams.

Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Elevate your marketing team's performance with our skill benchmarking services. Assess and evaluate your marketing team's proficiencies. With meticulous evaluation and benchmarking, we uncover valuable insights into your team's strengths and areas for growth. We facilitate tailored development strategies for enhanced productivity and success.

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Brilliant Teams

This proprietary course equips leaders with the skills and strategies needed to cultivate high-performing teams. From fostering a culture of collaboration to optimising team dynamics, leaders learn practical techniques to create and sustain brilliance within their teams, driving exceptional results and organisational success.

CMO mentoring

CMO Mentoring

Our mentoring program offers personalized guidance and support for CMOs navigating the complexities of leadership in marketing. Through one-on-one sessions with experienced mentors, CMOs gain valuable insights, leadership strategies, and industry best practices to elevate their performance, drive marketing excellence, and achieve their professional goals.

The questions we help you answer:

  • How can I improve team collaboration and reduce conflict?
  • How can I align individual roles with our overall business strategy?
  • How do I ensure my team members are focused on the right tasks?
  • How do I identify and address gaps in my team's capabilities?
  • How can I improve our recruitment process for marketing roles
  • How can we overcome communication barriers and enhance collaboration among our team members to drive better results?
  • How can we boost team morale, motivation, and engagement, especially in remote or dispersed teams?
  • How can we identify and leverage the unique strengths and talents of each team member to optimize team performance and achieve our goals?
  • How can we address team dynamics, resolve conflicts, and build trust and psychological safety among team members?

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