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“Knowing is not enough. We must apply.
Being willing is not enough, we must do”

Leonardo Da Vinci

For companies to thrive, delivering best-in-class customer experiences is becoming increasingly important.

Cultivating a culture of customer-centricity is a critical component, which calls for targeted efforts to build employee capabilities across the organisation. If you don’t optimise and enhance service standards then your competitors will win.

Customer Experience is the Voice of Your Brand 

For many companies, customer experience is increasingly taking centre stage when it comes to customer retention, keeping up with competition, and growing your revenue.

The data shows that it can really make or break a brand in today’s business ecosystem. 

80% of customers say the experience a company provides is just as important as the products and services they sell (Salesforce, 2023).

A whopping 88% of customers find that good customer service increases the likelihood that they’d purchase from a brand again (Salesforce, 2023).

And when their expectations are not met, 65% of customers report that they’ve changed to a different brand due to just one negative experience (Help Scout, 2023). 

Deliver Customer Excellence

We focus on fixing marketing leaks to attract, convert, and retain your target audience effectively.

We help you gain deep insights into your customer behaviours and beliefs so we can address the challenges of stagnating results, declining profits, and flatlining NPS scores.

By meeting and exceeding your customer needs we help you develop deep loyalty, reduced customer churn and become the market leader.

In turn your conversions, word of mouth referrals and your profits will all be higher.

Partnering with our team yields tangible outcomes that drive the success and growth of your organisation.

Here's what you can expect:
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Increased revenue

customer base

Expanded customer base

happy customer

Happier customers

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Less chaos

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More profit

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Increased market share

The questions we help you answer:

  • How can we enhance our customer experience to ensure it exceeds expectations and drives loyalty?
  • What strategies can we implement to attract more customers and retain them for the long term?
  • How can we streamline and accelerate the buying journey to increase conversion rates and drive revenue?
  • What initiatives can we undertake to improve profitability through enhanced customer engagement and satisfaction?
  • How do we foster customer beliefs and loyalty to fuel sustainable growth and advocacy for our brand?
  • What tools and technologies are available to help us better understand our customers and tailor our offerings to their needs?
  • How can we optimize our marketing and sales processes to create seamless experiences for our customers?
  • What metrics should we track to measure the effectiveness of our customer experience initiatives and their impact on business outcomes?
  • What best practices and case studies can we learn from to inform our customer experience strategy and execution?
  • How can we ensure alignment across our organization to prioritize customer-centricity and drive results?

What some of our clients say about us:

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"Emma's wealth of knowledge, seniority and enthusiastic passion for delivering lasting behaviour change was a game changer for our performance. Emma comes with a challenger mindset that is driven from a thirst to understand the 'real' insights that are delivering performance; human behaviour. With expert skill and years of accomplished experience, Emma is able to quickly understand customer needs and translate into clear, tangible brand activity with purpose. Emma has the ability to translate all her knowledge of human behaviour and apply to internal, cross functional teams."

Ryan Twiname
Business Unit Director

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“I cant recommend Emma highly enough - she is incredibly knowledgeable and has a passion for business that is infectious so you cant help but be inspired and successful in your own business with her support. Her uniqueness is her ability to combine marketing strategy with mindset to give strategies that are laser focused. She also has the most positive future facing attitude .. leading me to use the words ' What would Emma do?' when faced with a decision that requires the big girl pants !”

Jayne Hume
Relationship Manager

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“Having worked with Emma over multiple projects and in very different settings I can honestly say she is a one of the most innovative strategists I’ve even met. Constantly looking for new and better ways to delight the client and customer through her excellent communication and problem-solving abilities. She brings a joyous energy and commitment to everything she touches, and I am always left a little bit better after being around her. An all round great human being. ”

Mark Pringle
Chief Solutions Officer

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“Emma has key strengths in Strategic Thinking and Marketing. She has a visceral passion for developing a deeper understanding of the market, customers and patients and translating this into meaningful strategy. Emma has a real flair for bringing principles to life to in an original and engaging way. She also has a very healthy sense of pragmatism and humour! Emma is an absolute pleasure to work with, highly insightful and credible.”

Alison Wheeler
Head of Global Marketing Excellence

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“Emma is a highly motivated and intelligent Marketer with a difference. Emma is the So What! She has inexhaustive energy, positivity and amazing organisational skills. Her unparalleled knowledge and skills in Marketing and Leadership are exceptional. A fantastic mine of information and very motivating person. Emma is definitely someone you would want on your team.”

Maggie Meer

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