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Preparing for funding rounds demands more than just a financial focused business plan—it requires a keen understanding of market dynamics, strategic foresight, and meticulous due diligence.

Whether you're a business gearing up for investment or an investor seeking to make informed decisions, the journey can be fraught with pitfalls. From overlooked market opportunities, inability of skills and competencies to deliver and misaligned strategies, the pitfalls can be numerous and costly.

That's where our Investment Readiness service steps in. We offer comprehensive support tailored to both businesses and investors, ensuring that every aspect of your venture is meticulously analysed, optimised, and primed for success.

Preparing for Investment

Is your desire to scale-up your business? Scaling up is about creating the capacity for your business to grow, fast! 

You may have tried to grow and scale but it hasn’t worked. It’s likely that you don’t have the right structures and processes in place so even though you’re trying to move forward, you’re actually hitting obstacles which are hindering your progress. 

To develop the infrastructure that you need to allow significant business growth you will need investment. If you haven’t been through the process of raising funding before then you are likely to need help getting your marketing capabilities ready. 

We provide you with the tools, knowledge, and strategies needed to not just compete but excel in today's dynamic market. 

Marketing Due Diligence for Investors

Ensure investment success with thorough marketing due diligence. We assess strategies, metrics, capabilities and performance to mitigate funding risks and maximise returns for investors.

We ensure that there is true scalability and capability within your investment organisation, Bring our team in to identify critical gaps, shape areas for development, benchmark excellence, and monitor progress.

Some of the questions we help you answer:

  • How can we strengthen our marketing capabilities to attract investors and secure funding for our business?
  • What strategies can we implement to create a compelling business plan that highlights our marketing strengths and growth potential?
  • How can we demonstrate the ROI of our marketing efforts to investors and stakeholders?
  • Are there specific areas within our marketing function that need improvement or optimisation to increase investor confidence?
  • How can we differentiate ourselves from competitors and position our brand as an attractive investment opportunity?
  • Are there any gaps or challenges in our current marketing approach that may hinder our ability to secure investment funding?
  • What resources and expertise do we need to build a strong marketing foundation that supports our growth trajectory and investment goals?

For Investors

  • How can we ensure that the company's marketing capabilities align with its business goals and investment thesis?
  • Are there any opportunities for value creation or optimisation within the company's marketing function that could enhance its market position and growth prospects?
  • How does the company's marketing strategy differentiate itself from competitors and address market trends and dynamics?
  • What recommendations can we provide to the company to strengthen its marketing capabilities and maximise its potential for success post-investment?
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