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Be Better.
Be Brilliant.

We transform marketing teams and their outputs.

We are experts in turning marketing teams and their outputs from mediocre to brilliant, empowering our clients to excel in today's competitive landscape. By enhancing skills and capabilities, fostering connections between teams and customers, and driving growth, we enable unparalleled success for our clients.

Are You Struggling to Unlock Your Full Marketing Potential?

We all need a fresh perspective from time to time. And sometimes we need additional expertise resources and to navigate complex challenges, innovate, and drive transformative change in our organisations.

When it comes to overcoming marketing hurdles, we are the people to call on. With our wealth of expertise, honed skills, and vast executive experience, we're equipped to unearth optimal solutions for your marketing and leadership challenges. From tackling low marketing skills, to devising winning go-to-market strategies and enhancing customer experiences, we're your trusted advisors every step of the way.

We leave your teams empowered, inspired, and significantly more effective - and most importantly, your customers excited to work with you.

We diagnose. We facilitate decisions. We improve. We deliver.

We Understand Your Challenges, and We're Here to Help.

Research indicates that a mere 20% of marketers possess formal training or qualifications, leading to fragmented efforts and stagnant growth. Instead of resorting to costly agencies or short-term fixes, trust in our expertise to diagnose underlying challenges and craft a robust strategy for accelerated growth.

Whether addressing skill deficiencies, ineffective systems, or customer insight gaps, we offer tailored solutions grounded in marketing expertise and behavioural science frameworks. With our guidance, your team will thrive, armed with top-tier skills and a renewed sense of purpose, driving lasting success in your market.

Think Better:
Improve Strategic Thinking

Marketing and organisational leaders are facing challenges with their marketing teams, from siloed approaches, lack of critical thinking, far too many tactics without measurement and a lack of strategic focus. Shockingly, only 22% of those in marketing roles have received official training, leading to a significant skill deficit. And it’s impacting your results!

We specialise in elevating your marketing team's skills, capabilities, and motivation, transforming them into a high-performance marketing team. Consider us the Mary Poppins of Marketing, ready to work our magic and leave your team performing at its best.

We spark a transformative change in how marketers tackle strategy.

We advance your marketing function’s strategic skills to drive growth and better performance. Our services focus on improving skills, capabilities, and behaviours to create a world-class marketing function. We prioritise innovation, critical thinking, and strategic planning to accelerate your ambitions.

Often, it's not about doing more of the tactics, but understanding how to best delivery against the business goals, what works best and why. We help your marketing function think better and focus on the activities that truly add value.

With our guidance, your marketing teams will embed a culture of forward-thinking brilliance that drives unparalleled success.

Lead Better:
Be Modern Leaders

Today, more than ever effective leadership is a key to business success. If leaders are not trained to be successful at managing their teams, then it will have a negative impact on the workforce and on the business.

We recognise that leadership is evolving in today's dynamic landscape. With multigenerational workforces, hybrid working models, and rapid digital advancements, leaders need to inspire, engage, and motivate teams effectively.

We can evaluate your leaders, run development workshops and enhance their skills and effectiveness. This will increase team motivation, improve employee retention and increase productivity.

We have helped and developed leaders at all levels in many organisations with great results. Our services focus on empowering leaders to foster collaboration, accountability, and resilience within teams. We help break down silos and cultivate a culture of excellence to drive success in your organisation.

Is it time for you to focus on developing your leadership team?

Grow Better:
Deliver Customer Excellence

Over the past couple of years, customer service experience has deteriorated to such a level that leading organisations have now put it as their top priority for the year ahead. 

Why? because they know that if they don’t optimise and enhance service standards then their competitors will win. Customers are looking for higher level of service delivery and are willing to pay for it.

Customer experience excellence is critical for success and ensures customer loyalty and returning customers. Investment in Customer experience pays for itself in a short time frame so is worth the effort.

We address the challenges of stagnating results, declining profits, and flatlining NPS scores. We focus on fixing marketing leaks to attract, convert, and retain your target audience effectively. By removing chaos and optimizing your marketing efforts, we help you achieve sustainable growth and success.

Isn’t it time you prioritised your service delivery?

Be Brilliant

And if you need to develop strategies and plans that will actually be implemented, that is our special talent. We coach. We bring teams together. We bridge the gap between concept and execution.

We make it possible for you to succeed. The most valuable asset in your business is your people. Help them reach their potential while delivering superior customer value through a shared culture of marketing.

The Results Speak for Themselves

Partnering with our team yields tangible outcomes that drive the success and growth of your organisation. Here's what you can expect:
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Increased Revenue

Through elevated marketing skills, strategic insights and targeted campaigns, we identify revenue opportunities and implement effective marketing strategies that drive sales growth.

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Expanded Customer Base

Leveraging data-driven research and human insights, we help you reach new audiences and nurture deeper relationships with existing customers, resulting in an expanded and engaged loyal customer base.

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Happier Customers

By focusing on customer experience and satisfaction, we create compelling messaging and personalised interactions that delight customers, fostering loyalty and positive brand sentiment.

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Increased Market Share

Our innovative marketing strategies and competitive analysis enable clients to gain a competitive edge, capturing market share and outperforming competitors.
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More Profit

By optimising marketing ROI and streamlining processes, we help clients maximise profitability, delivering measurable returns on investment and sustainable business growth.
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Less Chaos

With our structured approach and clear communication, we bring order to marketing efforts, reducing complexity and improving efficiency, ultimately leading to smoother operations and increased productivity.

Some Of Our Clients….

How We Help You

Achieve Brilliance with a more confident, engaged and effective team.

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Marketing Skills Development

We go beyond standard skills development by offering proprietary marketing skill frameworks to benchmark team capability and performance.

We recognise that cohesive and high-performing marketing teams are essential for driving success in any organisation. We offer comprehensive training and coaching to enhance capabilities, foster collaboration, and drive results.

Build consistent marketing knowledge across all levels of seniority and advance your marketing function against a set of proven marketing principles. (Link to its service page)

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Leadership Development Programmes

We offer bespoke leadership development programmes tailored to the unique needs and goals of your leaders. Our programmes are designed to equip marketing leaders at all levels with the skills, insights, and strategies they need to inspire, engage, and motivate their teams towards shared objectives.

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Marketing Leadership Mentoring

We provide marketing executive mentorship to support leaders in achieving their full potential and driving personal and professional growth.

Our experienced mentors work one-on-one with marketing leaders to enhance leadership capabilities, overcome challenges, and achieve their goals. Whether it's leadership development, career transition, or personal effectiveness, our mentorship is tailored to the specific needs of each individual.

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Customer Excellence Strategies

We're dedicated to crafting customer excellence strategies that propel your business forward. Our approach is rooted in understanding your customers' needs, preferences, and pain points, allowing us to develop tailored strategies that drive growth and foster loyalty.

By consistently exceeding expectations and delivering exceptional value, we help you build meaningful relationships with your customers and position your brand as a leader in your industry. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your customer base and drive sustainable growth for your business.

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Communication Strategies

Effective communication is essential for driving organisational success. Our communication strategies are designed to help you connect with your customers, connect with your teams, and build stronger relationships.

We transform your messaging for maximum clarity and impact. Whether it's internal communication, stakeholder engagement, or brand positioning, we provide tailored solutions to meet our clients' communication needs.

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Collaborative Excellence

Collaboration is crucial for for driving innovation, enhancing productivity, and accelerating success. By bringing together diverse perspectives, skills, and expertise, collaboration enables teams to tackle complex problems more effectively, leading to innovative solutions and creative breakthroughs

We empower teams to work together more effectively, fostering a culture of collaboration that enhances innovation, creativity, and productivity. By equipping your teams with essential collaboration skills and techniques, we enable them to navigate challenges, leverage diverse perspectives, and achieve shared goals with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

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Identify Your Marketing Gaps

Our proprietary GEM (Growth and Excellence in Marketing) Matrix serves as a comprehensive roadmap, guiding organisations towards accelerated growth and excellence.

Through our GEM assessment, we identify gaps in your marketing skills, systems, and approaches, enabling us to focus on activities that will have the greatest impact on your business outcomes.

By leveraging our proven framework, we empower clients to prioritise initiatives that drive tangible results and propel them towards their goals.

By honing in on each element of the model, we help you cultivate a customer-centric culture, develop strategic foresight, build high-performing teams, streamline operations, optimise marketing systems, and achieve measurable results.

In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving market, having a clear roadmap for success is more important than ever. The GEM model provides organisations with a structured approach to navigate complexities, overcome obstacles, and unlock their full potential. With us by your side, you can confidently navigate the path to growth and excellence.


Identify your team's strengths and uncover areas for growth now!

Discover new horizons with our FREE Marketing Leadership and Capability Assessments, powered by our proprietary GEM Framework.

Dive deep into six key areas and receive a comprehensive report revealing your marketing team’s strengths and areas for improvement. Take the first step towards transformation and take the assessment now!

What Our Clients Think of Us:

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“Having worked with Emma over multiple projects and in very different settings I can honestly say she is a one of the most innovative strategists I’ve even met. Constantly looking for new and better ways to delight the client and customer through her excellent communication and problem-solving abilities. She brings a joyous energy and commitment to everything she touches, and I am always left a little bit better after being around her. An all round great human being. ”

Mark Pringle
Chief Solutions Officer

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"Emma's wealth of knowledge, seniority and enthusiastic passion for delivering lasting behaviour change was a game changer for our performance. Emma comes with a challenger mindset that is driven from a thirst to understand the 'real' insights that are delivering performance; human behaviour. With expert skill and years of accomplished experience, Emma is able to quickly understand customer needs and translate into clear, tangible brand activity with purpose. Emma has the ability to translate all her knowledge of human behaviour and apply to internal, cross functional teams."

Ryan Twiname
Business Unit Director

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“Emma has key strengths in Strategic Thinking and Marketing. She has a visceral passion for developing a deeper understanding of the market, customers and patients and translating this into meaningful strategy. Emma has a real flair for bringing principles to life to in an original and engaging way. She also has a very healthy sense of pragmatism and humour! Emma is an absolute pleasure to work with, highly insightful and credible.”

Alison Wheeler
Head of Global Marketing Excellence

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“Energetic, enthusiastic and inspiring - my first impression of Emma that will certainly last. Creating strong teams, fulfilled in their roles and always collaborative, Emma brought together a rich mix of skills and personalities to deliver her ambitious strategy and deliver results for our business. Her passion is understanding how people tick and working with them to create the best culture and environment to help them thrive.”

Andrew Thomas
Senior Manager, Marketing

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“I cant recommend Emma highly enough - she is incredibly knowledgeable and has a passion for business that is infectious so you cant help but be inspired and successful in your own business with her support. Her uniqueness is her ability to combine marketing strategy with mindset to give strategies that are laser focused. She also has the most positive future facing attitude .. leading me to use the words ' What would Emma do?' when faced with a decision that requires the big girl pants !”

Jayne Hume
Relationship Manager

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“Emma is a really talented and insightful marketeer and business woman. Her many years of marketing experience are backed up with huge passion for what she does, energy and commitment. Emma is great to work with, nothing is ever too much trouble and her drive to achieve the highest standard of work will always make her a very valuable asset to her clients.”

Lisa Robinson
Founder and Director

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“Emma is an ideas person who is at the top of her game in the world of marketing, medical education and comms teams. She's a true polymath! Over the time I've known Emma I've witnessed her expertise, energy and enthusiasm for both her successful consultancy business and her work in the wider healthcare arena. Very much looking forward to bouncing more big ideas around with her.”

Elena Mills
Co-Founder and Managing Director

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“Emma is a highly skilled, passionate and motivated Marketer. She is focused and committed to delivering the best possible outcomes in any project she manages. Organised and full of energy, she can see the bigger picture and use her skills and experience to deliver comprehensive strategic and operational plans. She is also great fun to work with and an asset to any team.”

Rebecca Mottershead
Marketing Manager

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“I worked with Emma for several years. She works relentlessly to pursue excellence in and ensure that no stone is left unturned. Emma digs deep and understands your situation, thinking of every eventuality to ensure you have a comprehensive, strategic, actionable plan.”

Amy Peters
Senior Director, Johnson and Johnson

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“Emma is a highly motivated and intelligent Marketer with a difference. Emma is the So What! She has inexhaustive energy, positivity and amazing organisational skills. Her unparalleled knowledge and skills in Marketing and Leadership are exceptional. A fantastic mine of information and very motivating person. Emma is definitely someone you would want on your team.”

Maggie Meer

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